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Knits by Hyson Collab!

Cue the confetti! Drum rolls please! This month's edition of the blog is SUPER special and very near and dear to my heart, because I have the honor of featuring an amazingly talented friend of mine!

Liz and I went to school together way back when, and are now both mothers doing our very best to build our passions into our own businesses!

She knits, I photograph, so what's better than doing a project together!! I am so excited to tell you all about the fun things we have been working on together, and share with you about my friend Liz!

Introducing "Little Loveys." The most adorable, soft, chenille knitted loveys with a plethora of color choices! Featured is a bunny rabbit, a hippo, and a dinosaur. If you have customizations that you would like, contact information to Liz's shop will be included!

Let's keep the good news rolling! These three adorable pieces are now part of my "Newborn Studio!" I offer in-home newborn photography sessions which include your choice of props, accents, swaddles and more! If you are interested in learning more, message me and can send you the full guide to see all of the choices and offerings available for your very own newborn session!

Little Loveys are available for use in any of my sessions or you can order your very own to use in your session and bring home as your new little one's very first lovey! Also a great gift option if you know an expecting or new mother!

Visit Knits by Hyson and order yours today: Click Here

Meet the Maker! A little more about Liz-

Something that is behind every small business owner is a really big dream! Nothing small about it. Knits by Hyson was started by a passion that not only initiated this amazing business, but every piece that comes into Liz's shop. This is what she had to say about this passion for knitting:

"I learned how to knit when I was 9, taught by my grandmother. Knitting is my way of preserving a beautiful craft handed down by my grandmother and also is a wonderful meditative practice I can always turn to in times of hardship in my life. I have turned to knitting at the most stressful times of my life, through losing family members, experiencing the pandemic, and through difficult pregnancies. It's a great way to slow down and process obstacles while maintaining productivity and awareness."

A fun fact about Liz and her business, Knits by Hyson, is that the majority of her designs or new projects are unplanned!

"I find a yarn I like and just start playing around. My favorite is taking traditional design ideas and reworking them in a jumbo yarn for an exaggerated version of timeless classics ( Like Granny Squares!)"

If you haven't checked out this girl's shop and seen her granny squares, they are so beautiful and really fun! She is so creative and you can see it in everything she makes!

Personally, I think it's fun to learn favorites about small business owners. Everything that they are bleeds into their work because owning and starting a business is so much of an outpouring of themselves. It's like a fingerprint, so unique and a complete testament to their values, likes, and dislikes! Here are some of Liz's favorites:

  • Reading Classic British Literature ( Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte) including fun adaptations on classic literature (such as Jasper Fforde)

  • Crafting of all kinds- knitting, crochet, making candles, sketching with charcoal, painting

  • Fun family outings such as day hikes, trying new restaurants, watching superhero movies or comedy specials

  • Doing fun activities including yoga or aerial yoga (impressive, right!?), indoor rock climbing, biking local trails or walks through parks or the beach

  • Vacationing on a beach somewhere or an adventure hiking through nature- "That ends with a shower and a bed inside, no camping for this girl!"

Hope this was fun getting to know all about my girl, Liz! She is way more wonderful and talented than I can even express! Check out her shop and say hi! Expecting or New Mommas, let us know if you're interested in finding out more information on Little Loveys, or reach out about obtaining your very own Newborn Session guide! You can learn all about best timing, tips and tricks, and all the fun pieces to incorporate into these once-in-a-lifetime pictures of your adorable little nuggets!

Newbon Session- Book Now

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