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The Season is Upon Us!

Which season? Guess again, it's not Christmas, or the social season. Why, it's the season of spring minis!!

If you have enjoyed photography for a small time or for a while, you probably have heard or are quite familiar with a "mini session." Although, you may not know exactly why they are so amazing! Or their true purpose!

Mini sessions are for the benefit of the client and the photographer. They are multiple, brief sessions scheduled back to back in order for the photographer to effectively serve a number of clients all in the same day in the same location.

This is HUGE for a photographer who wants to maximize their time, but also for clients who want fresh images regularly! Minis are great for price, time, ease of scheduling, and for EVERYONE!


Because the sessions are shorter with fewer images to process and edit, minis can be offered at a reasonably low price! In addition, they are all held at the same location without any additional travel involved! It's basically like sharing a full session with another client and splitting the cost! This is a great option for clients who want a few quality professional images without paying the full price of a session.


Since minis are a fraction of the time that full sessions take, it's a perfect solution for anyone wanting quality images without the extended time of a full session! It can be easier to fit into busy schedules and it is a great way to grow comfortable being in front of a professional camera. Sometimes, an hour or longer session can feel daunting to people in different situations. This is a wonderful option for anyone wanting quality images without having to be photographed for long periods of time! All the same service, posing experience and variety, editing, and high resolution images stay the same! It's like a taste or a expedited version of the full serviced session. With my mini sessions, I make sure to capitalize on every moment to ensure my clients are happiest with their results! I send out a survey at booking to make sure I know exactly what kind of images and session my clients wish to have. Later, I send out the day agenda so that my clients know who is before and after their session, and know exactly where to arrive with a geo map pin. This helps with timeliness so that everyone can enjoy their full block.

Ease of Scheduling

Picking a time and place can sometimes be the hardest part. You know that you want pictures done, and you found your photographer, but now you need coordinate when and where you will have your session. Minis can take some of that pressure off! Especially if you're looking for an easy breezy session filled with fun for some updated pictures of you or you and your loved ones! Minis are typically seasonal and pop up frequently, so you can find a set that works for your schedule in your area and just pick a time that works for you! Usually holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, and seasons such as Spring, Fall, and Christmas all have pop-up Mini sets from all kinds of amazing photographers. If you are interested in being personally notified and want first availability to book, sign up for my email list and VIP access to pop-up mini events! (I promise, I too am not a fan of spam! This is only the good stuff!)


Minis are for everyone! When I say that, I mean, they are for families who don't want to encourage their kids to smile for an hour, they are for a working professional looking for a fresh take on headshots, or they are a fun way to do something for yourself and have some fresh images for your social media or dating accounts! They are perfect for best friends to have some fun images together, graduating seniors, pet sessions! Minis are great for couples, a quick engagement session or maternity session! Seriously, you name it! Minis are just the quicker, miniature version with all the perks and value of a full session!

My Mini Perks

Now, photographers everywhere are in the mini craze because it's just such a great value to clients as well as a great way to use photographer resources. So why book mine?! Here are a few little things that I do. I like to make sure they are organized!! Once you book, you will receive emails and reminders to make sure that you know where you are going and when. This will help you plan with ample time and get every last second of your booked mini session.

While these sessions may feel speedy, I like to make sure they are FUN! I use lots of movement and am very personable to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I will direct and prompt you through the entire thing. Yes, even where to place your hands! The greatest quandary of all picture takers yet! ;) I send out a survey to make sure that I can get to know you a little better and understand fully your expectations of our time together. This way we can handle business upfront, and just have fun together from the moment you arrive!

Something I hear a LOT is "My kids won't cooperate in 15 minutes," "It would be a waste of money." I'll tell you what, I have had SO many families book me, worry about not getting any images, do the session, fret that no one cooperated or smiled; and then email me, text me, or call me to tell me how BLOWN away they were at how many amazing images were captured! They never thought they could get images that good in 15 short minutes. I am a mom of two very busy uncooperative toddler boys, and let me tell you, they run the show when it comes to pictures! There's a flow, and you work with them! I have a series of prompts and games that we play rather than stiff poses, so you get all the candids, smiles, love, and fun in your images.

Lastly, every single one of my clients receives a mini session style guide to make the most of their mini in regards to their outfits, props, and style. Ensuring they love their images to the max! Ultimately, I care about people having quality images of the moments in their lives that mean something to them - With their loved ones, representation of themselves to the world, celebrations of big moments, and emotion on display to be remembered forever.

So much so, that I want everyone to get the most of their pictures. Whether you take them with me or anyone else, just take them!! It's so important. If you are interested in receiving my mini session style guide for any of my sessions or any that you may book with anyone else in the future, fill out my contact form, and I would be happy to share!! Truly, you loving your images is what matters most to me! Take the pictures!

That's it for now, although, if you asked, I could probably go on and on and ON about minis! I will be doing a set THIS Saturday on April 23rd, but you have to act fast if you still want in! Also, another set is coming in May, stay posted! You can view details on my social media accounts, my website, or sign up on my contact page for first access to book my mini events!

With Love,


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