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Through the Ages

Everyone has a "why" behind what they do or feel is important. For me, I would describe myself as "multi-passionate" because there's so many things that I do, and countless reasons behind the things I love. Since this is a photography blog, I should probably stay on topic. Let's talk about the "why" behind why I photograph.

Being a mom, I know all too well how fleeting the moments can be. One single day is filled with more joy than I know what to do with, sometimes tears and frustration, teaching moments, moments to improve upon, some that are just perfect, some that are messy and fun, and then there are the moments that you want to stay in forever with your littles; and after they pass, you're left feeling bittersweet because you know there's only so many of those in a lifetime, and you just didn't want them to go by.

Photography is a way to transport yourself back in time. To look at a picture, and remember how you felt in that moment with all that joy and love in your heart. There's magic in the younger years of littles that is just different than any other time.

This is one of my favorites of my son, when he turned one. His blue-gray eyes, a little bit of strawberry blond hair, and this wide-eyed expression he would have that was just pure joy! I loved this day, and he had so much fun, just eating strawberries in a tub! Looking back on it, even just a short year later, I can't believe how much he's grown and changed. It's amazing to me, and I'm so thankful for this image of my precious little guy!

My "why" to photography is so that everyone can feel this way. Everyone has a story that's unique and beautiful. Even if some of the elements are similar, no one is the same. Photography can document that story, capture the unique details, and have the power to transport anyone back to that moment in time and feel all the feels of that particular time. It's truly a beautiful gift.

Something else on this topic that's a little more personal. Getting the pictures is so important. It's a story that is passed down and experienced throughout the ages. It's something that you can leave to your loved ones. They can see the color of your eyes, the joy in your expression, and the love between you and your family.

I've been debating whether or not to share about this month. July is a month that is so filled with joy because of the birth of my son, but also much grief. Shortly after my son was born, my grandparents were unexpectedly taken from us much too soon. Today, two years ago, my mother showed up at my door with news that shocked me to my core, and tore my heart in two. Both of my grandparents were tragically taken in a car accident while on vacation. There were no goodbyes. No last words or last hugs. I've had that opportunity with most of my loved ones, but this was something like nothing I'd ever experienced. In the midst of my grief and post partum, I sought out pictures and I cried. I just wanted to find a picture of my PopPop's "smiley eyes" as we called them. He was always filled with so much laughter and deep unconditional love, at all times. I'm thankful for the photos that I do have of him, but I wish that they were as good as the ones that we can take now. In fact, this very reason is why I don't include black and white images in my galleries. I am of the belief that while black and white images are statement pieces and definitely have their place in the artistic realm, they aren't my style. I want to see my Nanny's red hair and my son's blue eyes. I want all of it, the colors, the places, the details! Here is one that I love of my Nanny and PopPop. They were beautiful, and I wish that I had more pictures to look back on.

If you're wondering if taking the family pictures is worth it, the answer is yes. If you're wondering if getting everyone together and wrangling kids to a photoshoot is worth it, the answer is yes. When life changes, these are the things that you want to look back on. This is your story. This is your life, your moments, your family, your love, and it is worth documenting and remembering vividly and beautifully. For you, and for your family throughout the ages. The moments go too fast. Creating your personal memoir is important!

That's my two cents and what's on my heart this month. I'll make another blog post about the experience and how taking photos can be fun and easy and great. But for now, I'm leaving you with how important it is regardless. Having these pictures together is priceless, and you're never too busy to pause, soak in the love and life around you, so that you can reflect later and remember the good things and blessings in your life. Sometimes looking back on the the great and beautiful things you've had, gives you a hope and a joy for what is to come.

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