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Welcome the New Year!

photo by Joyce Mulrooney

Happy 2022!!! I was thinking about my goals for 2022 as I struggled into a pair of my jeans this morning. Besides trying to drink more water, eat healthier and become less reliant on caffeine; deeper personal and professional goals were being formulated.

Overall, I want to be more present in my life and enjoy all the different aspects of what I am

choosing to do with my time, my family, my friends, and my business. My goals all have this central theme. I want to make more decisions without being so influenced by others' opinions or cultural norms. For example, this picture. I didn't post this one earlier this year because our photoshoot was on the hottest most humid day, and we were sweating! I really didn't like what the heat did to my hair, but look at how precious my little guy is in this picture! That's what matters to me, capturing and loving his little smiling face, not having perfect hair. So in alignment with my new intentions, here is the picture! Below are a couple of my goals or intentions for this next year specifically in relation to my photography business!

My Blog

I have said this before, I am by no means a blogger. However, it doesn't mean that I can't blog! I think when it comes to photography, it's so subjective to the person taking your pictures! Are they friendly? Are they going to make me smile or will everything feel forced and unnatural? Will they help me feel comfortable or are we not going to click? How else better to get to know someone behind the camera than to hear their "voice" in a blog? At least that will help get some idea! My intentions with this blog are to write about whatever I want, somewhat consistently; whether it's about topics that involve photography, feature a fun shoot, maybe something I'm learning, or perhaps what it's like in this present moment to be a mom and juggle this business. I'm not going to claim to be an expert on anything, but merely share my thoughts and journeys as I learn throughout this next year!

My Website

This year, I want to spend more time building out my website to best service YOU, my clients! I want it to be the most user friendly, FUN, accessible thing that you could experience. Hopefully, it will be a great way to connect us, collaborate, and create the perfect session that leaves you with exactly the images you were hoping to treasure! Every session is different, and everyone has their own story and creative flare. My hope is to discover, learn, and then capture all of what makes you beautifully unique!

My Social Media

Here we go, I have a hard time with social media! I know it's a great sharing tool! I know it's a great marketing tool, but I can't get fully on board with it because I think it just fosters so much comparison and insincerity, even when someone posting is purposing to be genuine! I don't always feel that I am at my best when I am constantly on social media, so for my sake, I may even have some "dark weeks or a dark month" where I completely "go dark" and am not on it at all! *audible gasp* However, I know that I can't fully go without it, so my goal for this year is, to the best of my ability, use social media as a way to promote my clients, encourage my fellow small business owners, and to share bits and pieces of current happenings at Rebekah Elly Photography at least once a month. I know that's not overly frequent, and who knows what that means for the ALGORITHIMS, but I'll take my chances! :)

My Availability

This is a biggie, because I can really get carried away! Naturally, I already am rather excitable, and getting a chance to meet new friends or spend time with ones I've already made, I can't say no! Last year, I got a little burnt. Said yes a little more than I probably should have, and ended up getting slightly overwhelmed; which meant that some of my work wasn't as fresh as I would have liked. My clients deserve 100% of my energy and focus to curate timeless pieces! That being said, this year, my intention is to build set availability that is sustainable and is built around my family in order to be my healthiest self, and pour all of my energy, creativity, and focus into each and every session that I book.

My Services

This year, I want to better service everyone with my offerings. Instead of having set prices listed on my website, I am creating packages and pricing lists so that everything can be customized to fit my clients and their specific needs! I'm very excited about this, and at some point this year am going to start offering print and framing options too!

I know this was a long one! Although, it's fitting for January 1st! If you want to read along in my journey this year and play an active role in my story, I am HERE for it! If not, at least this is here for me to reference and grow! Now, back to may pants situation. I'll either need to resign myself to yet another year of leggings, or make a few more personal goals this year!! Maybe some others can relate! Happy New Year from my crazy silly family to yours!

Photo credit: Joyce Mulrooney

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