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About Me

Hi There! I'm Bek (Or Beka or Rebekah- whatever you want to call me!) The one behind the camera.

This is the spot on my website where you get to learn all about me and my photography dreams! You may be wondering, what my "style" is, how long have I been doing this, or what is it like to work with me? I'll tell you everything, and if you want to schedule a call, have a conversation and get to know me and my working style even better; go ahead and throw a call on my calendar link below! Inquiry calls are free, and I always love meeting new friends! 

When I describe my style, I like to say that it is true to color with a little bit of "polish." This allows for unique elements in every shoot. For example, a darker environment like a heavily wooded forest, is not going to have that same light and airy feel a meadow full of open sky and flowers is going to have! My editing process is the same for each- close to the true colors you see, with a little bit of pop and polish. You can see what I mean when you check out my portfolios! If you are looking for a girl who is going to photoshop every detail "out of" or "into" your images, please look elsewhere :) While I understand everyone has small insecurities (myself included) and I can always work to pose strategically if I'm made aware; I believe that capturing real and genuine is always best! 


My style tends towards capturing genuine emotion, joy, and love. That doesn't mean that I don't like to do styled shoots with a little more attitude and drama, but most of my work is centered around joy-filled, people focused priorities. Branding sessions are a little different because of the documentary nature.

What is it like to work with me? I genuinely love people and their stories! It's one of the things that makes me so passionate about photography. Personally, I believe that everyone should have their own beautiful memoir of all the things they hold dear to their heart, all their big moments, and their story. It's important for my clients to look back over the years and for their future generations to know their roots and the legacy of their family.

When you book with me, I am going to want to know all about you and your story. I'm your biggest supporter and I love hearing about all the good things happening in your life! Coming alongside my clients in whatever season they are in brings me joy! Whether it's a wedding, a family session, or a newborn session, my goal is to deliver breath-taking pictures while making the process easy, fun, and an excellent experience! 

Client experience is so important to me, which is why I provide every resource possible to my clients in order to  properly prepare for their sessions, and create a stress-free, fun environment.


Primarily, I work through email because I am a mom of two little kiddos that rule my days! The exception to that being weddings. I book at least two calls (not including the inquiry call) for planning sessions in addition to some organizational forms/materials that are helpful for your photography priorities as well as for other vendors! I am extremely organized and love plans. While I know weddings certainly do not always go as planned, I feel that a strong base of communication beforehand can help to tackle whatever surprises arise that day!

Whew! You still with me? I told you that I would tell you everything! 

My story! Here it goes. Taking pictures has always been a hobby of mine, since I was a young girl in middle school around 2005 with my little Walmart digital camera. It was a great little thing until it met it's demise on a poorly timed accident at the beach... It wasn't until my cousin sparked deep inspiration in my soul and my Aunt gave me a professional grade Nikon camera around 2009, that I truly discovered my love for photography.


After years of doing sessions by request and for fun, I finally got brave enough to launch this thing I call a business in 2019. I left my full-time, benefitted, consistently paying  job to live out my dreams dependently upon my husband's full-time, fully benefitted, 9-5. God bless my husband who is wonderful and fully supportive of all my photography endeavors! Photography allows me to prioritize being a stay-at-home mom, while paying for all the extras for our little people! It's a blessing in more ways than one, and I am so thankful!

 Whether it is capturing memories during a fun-filled family session or exercising my creative muscles during an all day wedding event, I love it all! 

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Book an Inquiry call on my calendar if you want to chat!

"Working with Beka was a dream!! She arrived at our photo session with loads of creative ideas and shots that made the branding of my business come to life! Beka is extremely patient and thoughtful - I could not be more pleased with the final images. If you are searching for a photographer - Beka is your dream girl. She will put you at ease, make your time in front of the camera fun & enjoyable, and deliver exactly what you want and more!"

Amber Barrett
Owner, Founder of Arranged by Amber

"Beka is so easy to work with and lots of fun! She takes great pictures and worked fast to get us back our shots. my family will definitely get Beka to take our photos taken again."

Steve Pavina

"Beka has photographed our family from newborn sessions of both of our babies to everything in between! She uses the perfect balance of discovering what we envision and desire with her own creative ideas. She somehow can capture beautiful photos of our 2-year-old who never sits still and has a hard time following directions. On top of all that, she manages to keep us all at ease and having fun during the whole process! We highly recommend Beka and can’t wait for her to capture more images of our family as we grow!"

Abigail Trautmann

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