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New World Films

Photograph by: Rebekah Elly Photography

We have some exciting news to share! Besides the Rebekah Elly Photography website going live for the first time ever; we have a new Partner! I couldn't be more thrilled to announce that I'm partnering with Josh Malone and New World Films to bring our clients a whole new level of quality products and service! Once booked, we do most of the collaboration together so that it's less work for our clients, and details are worked out before the event even begins in order to get seamless beautiful video and portraits! During the day of the event, we make it our priority to work as a team so that our clients have the best experience and end up with breath-taking results! Bringing both our expertise and equipment knowledge to the table, we can navigate lighting scenarios, location surprises and unique needs together in order to provide the most amazing results! On top of all of that, we bring fun and joy into our events instead of that awkward competitive tension that can exist between photographers and videographers.

Want to see the most amazing videos that New World Films is producing? Check out the website: and see what you think! New World Films also has a presence on Social media. Facebook and Instagram @newworldfilms2021 if you want to give them a follow!

Here's a little snip of some of their great work and our introduction partner video!

Video by: New World Films

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